Otherings: Allison Cundiff's new poetry.

New Book of Poetry from Allison Cundiff


Golden Antelope Press is proud to announce, though a little belatedly, a new book of poetry by Allison Cundiff called Otherings.  The book was published May 16, 2016.  This is a collection of poetry reflective of growing up and living in Missouri, but which also includes glimpses of other parts of the world experienced through Allison's travels.  As with her previous book of poetry, In Short, a Memory of the Other on a Good Day, which was written jointly with Steven Schreiner, her new book has photographic images interspersed throughout that add a graphic dimension to the images invoked in her poems. As one commentator has remarked: "As if she were a heir of Philip Levine, she describes the hardscrabble roads of rural Missouri and the high-polished countertops of New York City without pretense."