We just signed on to publish The Shawl of Midnight, a literary, multicultural coming-of age-story, set mostly in the region near the border between Pakistan and India.   The author, Jackie St. Joan, provides this synopsis:

All the women in Nafeesa’s family have been imprisoned, assassinated, scarred or exiled.  Yes, every single one.  Is it any wonder, then, that the surviving men in her family have kept those disturbing facts from her?  But now Nafeesa wants to know the truth.  With the help of her beloved dying grandfather, Kulraj Singh, she receives clues to her past and in return she pledges to bring his two daughters back to him before he dies.  From Pakistan, Nafeesa travels, first to Mumbai and then to Kashmir, on a journey to adulthood, to learning who she is, who her people are, and what she is made of.  In the company of her heroic auntie, she travels the foothills of the Himalayas through a war zone, under a deadline, through snow lion country, sometimes questioning whether this aunt is truly heroic after all. 

St. Joan has been a travel writer, human rights lawyer, publisher of a feminist journal, county judge, law professor, and contributor to anthologies, scholarly journals, and online publications.  The Shawl of Midnight is a sequel to her first novel, My Sisters Made of Light.

The Shawl of Midnight  will be out this summer.