Giles Anthony Maurice Gibson, Manhattanite and president of ABC Toys, floats through life on a cloud of wealth and privilege. Until now.

When his company’s negligence results in tragedy, the judge, weary of a world where justice is rarely served, sentences Giles to a year of community service in rural Oregon, and supervised work at Sunnyside Up, a local diner. Renamed “Tony,” and fitted with an ankle monitor to keep him in his place, he must find a way to make amends for the consequences of always choosing the easy way.

Shortly after Giles-learning-to-be-Tony arrives, the curmudgeonly cook finds a dead body in the dumpster behind the restaurant. Tony and the other misfits at the diner are instantly suspects, but—though they will eventually work together to figure out “whodunnit”—Two Over Easy All Day Long isn’t a murder mystery, it’s a human mystery, asking how far a person can bend before breaking, and whether breaking isn’t the point, after all. 

Shari Lane has a keen understanding of how character is shaped, and the significance of seemingly-innocuous details: the scent of lavender, the shape of a shadow, the leather in an old Army boot, the taste of eggs over easy. Two Over Easy All Day Long is a study in the redeeming power of stubborn compassion and laughter.



About Shari Lane

Shari Lane was reading voraciously by the time she entered kindergarten, and she has been writing for almost as long.  (Her first full-length novel, hand-written at the age of ten and stapled together for her family, followed the adventures of magical guinea pigs.)  Her adult bio is as multi-dimensional as the characters in her book.  With an MA in Classics she taught Latin to middle school students, and operated a Montessori preschool.  Eventually she headed back to university and earned her law degree.  In addition to her work advising employers about civil rights and related laws, she became a certified mediator, served on the board of a Head Start organization serving primarily the children of migrant farm workers, and volunteered with organizations serving houseless and food-insecure people.  Seeing two sides, building bridges.  Along the way, she wrote The UnFairy Tale series for middle grade readers and began an adult novel titled What the Dogs Know.

Whenever and however possible, Shari surrounds herself with books, writers, and readers.  In addition to being Managing Editor of SHARK REEF Literary Magazine, she is on the Lopez Island Library's Board of Trustees, and hosts WORD!, an open mic for local writers.  It is her ardent belief that good writing can provide a much-needed escape, a chance for a cathartic cry or a healing belly laugh.  Just as importantly, in these divided and divisive times, she believes stories can build bridges, as we see through another's eyes, and feel through the beating of another's heart.

Shari's short stories have been published in Evening Star Review, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Cape Magazine, Antithesis, and other literary magazines.  Two Over Easy All Day Long is her first traditionally-published novel for adults.

Find Shari online at with links to follow her on Facebook and on Instagram (ReadWriteBreathe38).