Live Free or Croak by Larry Rogers

Golden Antelope Press is happy to announce that Larry Rogers' book is out.

The first is a book of poetry by singer/poet Larry Sherman Rogers.  Though some of Larry's poems have been published in several well-known journals before, Live Free or Croak is his first collection of poetry.  He has been involved with songwriting and poetry for a number of years and coincidentally has come out with a new musical CD, too.  The CD should be available soon.   You can see the book on Amazon here.  Barnes & Noble has it here.

Visit Larry's author page here.  You can find his songs on his new website here.

Some of his other poetry can be seen here.

Here is a poem from Live Free or Croak:

Noodle Soup

The beautiful
and experienced
Mary Gardner
was my first date ever.
I was 16; she
was 2 years older.
I was like a guy
who has never
even seen a
baseball game
playing in one
at the major
league level.
After a movie
she suggested
we drive over to
The Finger Bowl.
I didn’t know
what she was
talking about—
The Finger Bowl
being a euphemism
for a secluded,
makeout spot
only the more
experienced local
kids frequented—
and while Mary
looked on incredulously
I drove around for
what seemed like hours
looking for a
Chinese restaurant.

There are many more treasures like this in Larry's book.