Praise for Don Tassone's GET BACK

When I learned that Get Back is a first published book by Don Tassone, my question was, "Why did he wait so long?" Get Back is a heart-warming account of life! While it focuses on events in the lives of young boys, it's great reading for anyone who has ever been a boy, raised a boy, loved a boy, or was a tomboy. Get Back reveals the positive side of the phrase, "Boys will be boys." I forced myself to slow down as I read the twelve stories because I wanted to savor the truth and delight embedded in each of them.

Get Back could be a stimulating conversation starter for dads and sons, grandpas and grandsons, mentors and boys. Read a story and see where it leads the conversation about events and escapades in one's own life. If girls/women as moms, sisters, girlfriends read Get Back, they will gain a greater understand of young guys. I'm planning on Get Back as a Father's Day gift....maybe Mother's Day, too Thank you, Don Tassone!