Watch Mark Guerin Answer Some Tough Questions

Golden Antelope Press intern Lexie Biggs interviewed Mark Guerin about his novel, You Can See More from Up Here.  Below are links to the two youtube videos which resulted. 

The first deals mainly with the novel itself, where its characters came from, what portions come from his own lived experience, what changed, and why. 

Mark Guerin: Fact and Fiction


The second deals more with craft:  how this novel was structured and restructured, how the author's experience writing plays influenced its dialogues, how to find a writing community and evaluate its feedback.

Mark Guerin: On Craft:


 For Guerin's biography, synopsis, and a delightful chapter excerpted from You Can See More From Up Here, go to his website: .  For more on the craft of fiction, see his six amazing essays at the Dead Darlings blog: .