Updates from Jack Powers

Jack Powers did a short "virtual reading" for ShelterinPoetry--choosing his favorite poems/poets wisely.  It's only 8.5 minutes.  Click on the link below.  He has also had three poems published recently, and is working on a collection of sonnets.


And here's a funny sonnet, changing the familiar "five stages of retirement" trope to something more outwardly directed: 

When I Tell the Neighbors I've Retired

Denial’s the first stage. No way! they say.
How long you been teaching? But some jump right
To anger. I hate you! They squint their eyes,
Squeeze their rakes or leashes, ready to strike.
Then they start to bargain: How old are you?
Their heads tilt. They do their own math. That leads
To depression. I can’t ever retire.
I changed jobs/had children late/didn’t save.
Bit by bit they make it to acceptance.
Well, good for you! You deserve it. That’s great!
As if talking themselves into it. Then
they gaze off, dream of their own retirement.
Soon I notice more dog poops on my lawn,
Blown leaves in the yard, more car horns at dawn.