John Young's January Newsletter about WHEN THE COIN IS IN THE AIR, plus a great review by Daniel Brown

To read John Young's January newsletter, open the link below.  He's been busy with readings and touring.  And the audiobook is out now.  If you're an author, you'll be impressed with what a good professional PR man like John Young can do to garner attention for a novel which richly deserves it.


Welcome to the January Newsletter regarding WHEN THE COIN IS IN THE AIR.

First, Happy New Year! In mid-December 2018, my publisher, Golden Antelope Press, reached out to say they wanted to publish my novel. So much has happened in the last 12 months. I’m full of gratitude for
the great experiences. After crossing the country in November to read in LA and Washington DC and one more back in Cincinnati, December was a time to stay home. I tried to make more people aware of the novel and the audiobook release. Once again, I’d like to thank Dan Carruthers and the team at Gwynne Sound for their help with the audiobook. I’d recommend them to any writer out there looking for help.


Other nice events in December included being recommended for the gift guides from The Mercantile Library and Movers & Makers Magazine as well as Cincy Modern.

Review News

The Midwest Review of Books republished the review Daniel Brown wrote for AEQAI. It ran in the December issue. You can see it here:
You can see the original review here:
More in review news: Over 55 positive reviews now appear on the novel page at, and I appreciate every one. If you haven’t left a review, please consider adding your voice there. Here’s a link to the page:
And a special thanks to all of you who’ve sent me pictures of yourselves reading the novel for use in social media. That’s been really fun too. Please keep the photos coming!

Seeking Book Clubs

In December, two more book clubs requested I come and meet with them this winter and early spring.
I’d love to attend more book club meetings and sign copies of the novel. If your club is within 100 miles of Cincinnati, I’ll join in person. Or I can join via video conference anywhere.  

At the Library

In December, I learned five copies of WHEN THE COIN IS IN THE AIR were added to the Cincinnati Public Library collection. I also noticed all five were checked out, with a six-person waiting list! Nice to see the book in demand.
Then the library added the audiobook. Fantastic!
And (thanks to my friend Summer Fisk) the novel was added to the high school library at The American School of the Hague in the Netherlands.
The Falmouth and Beverly Public Libraries in Massachusetts added the novel after my readings there last fall.
It was also added to the library collection at Ralph Collins Center, my former dorm at Indiana University.
If your library (public, high school library, or university) adds my novel, please let me know. I’d love to keep a running list.

Last Word from a Reader

As usual, I’ll give the last word to a reader. This is from the Pulitzer-Prize winning writer and editor, Susan Headden:
“Readers will develop an instant and enduring affection for narrator Jason as he journeys to find his place in the world—torn between his dutiful and independent selves, between his devotion to family and his wariness of their emerging demons, and as he moves from a kind of innocence and uncertainty to a place of confidence and clarity.”

How You Can Help

If you read the novel, please add your review to, Goodreads, and tell your friends